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Data Privacy 

This data privacy policy is applicable to the Web site under of KDK and its subsidiaries (referred to collectively below as "the Company").
1. Data Privacy Policy on the Website:

The Company aims to obtain the satisfaction and trust of our customers by providing superior products and services, and assuring a "super honest KDK Group" in accordance with our Basic Business Philosophy. As part of our efforts to achieve this goal, we have implemented the following policy in relation to data privacy.

  1. Data privacy officer. A person responsible for the protection of personal information, i.e. data privacy officer, has been appointed in an effort to ensure that personal information will be managed properly.
  2. Purpose. The Company will make use of personal information collected from you for the purposes of managing KDK Site(s) and providing better user and browsing experience to you.  The collected personal information may also be used by the KDK group companies for formulating the Group’s strategies on branding, products, marketing and customer services.
  3. Collection.  The Company may collect your IP address and/or clickstream data while you are browsing KDK Site(s). In certain cases, you may be specifically asked to provide additional personal information, such as name, email address, contact number and gender for providing customer care service and communication.  If you decline to provide any such personal information, our customer care service and communication will be impeded.  Unless you have given your express consent, the Company will not use your personal information for direct marketing purpose. 


  1. Transfer. The Company will supply or disclose your personal information to a third party to the extent necessary for or related to the fulfilment or implementation of the purposes as communicated.
  2. Request for review.  If you wish to review, update or even delete your personal information collected by the Company, please contact our data privacy officer. The Company will endeavour to respond to your request as soon as possible.
  3. Security. The Company will make reasonable efforts to maintain sufficient and proper security of your personal information.
  4. Duration. Your personal information will be kept and used by the Company for a period up to the last day of June of the second calendar year next after our collection.

2. Cookies

  1. Cookies are small data files that are written to your hard disk when you visit a website. They are used, for example, to identify you when you revisit the website at a later time. The information contained in cookies is exchanged between the website and your Web browser program, but websites are not allowed to read information from cookies created by other websites or other data on your hard disk.
  2. Many websites use cookies, but you may set your Web browsers to inform them before accepting new cookies or to refuse all cookies, if you so wish.
  3. The Company’s website occasionally uses cookies to enhance the information and services provided, and to make navigating the site more convenient. The Company’s website does not use cookies to obtain information that would allow it to identify you except in cases where you have agreed to provide such information beforehand.