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Product Selection

This program is to help you to select applicable models of ventilation products for your required ventilation rate or product type. After criteria are input, and [Search] button is pressed, the list of fans that meets the search criteria will be shown.

The value of air volume indicated is measured at 0 Pa. The factors that affect the static pressure, such as duct resistance, should be taken into consideration.

The search results are our recommendation only, please consult your air ventilation experts

Step 1: Select Category

Step 2: Select Voltage and Frequency

Step 3: Input Values
Required Air Volume Calculator

This program is to assist you to determine the required ariflow for your rooms. 
Please select application and input dimenison of your room to get the result by pressing Calculate button

Required Air Volume Calculator

Please input data for calcualte the static pressures and the calculation is required the Air Volume value for this calculate, 
please input the Air Volume before the calculation.

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